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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thing 25  

I have been playing with a new template and adding a few gadget...there is much you can do...and I'm having lots of fun!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Thing 24  

I have updated and changed the look of my post. Since I have been gone I have played with many toys...some more recently. They include:

wikis (though I have to fall in love with them)
New Search Engines: Academic Earth, Cite U Like, Hakia
Project Management: love zoho

I can't remember them all. Sometimes I play with them a little and sometimes a lot. All depends on their usefulness.

Thats all for now, I'll be back soon!

Back Again  

I am back again for 24 more things...I have a lot going on so hopefully I will be able to follow through!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Thing 23: Cest Finis!  

I'm done and have enjoyed learning about various Things.

It's been a great adventure and although I have worked with many of the tools, I was able to learn about an equal amount unbeknown to me!

Tres Cool!

Thing 22: How I keep up!  

I have been using iGoogle for some time to keep up with the library community in general and 2.0. I like the ability to organize a wide variety of links, tools, and RSS feeds into one Web spot such that I can access quickly.

Thing 21: Beyond MySpace  

There are so many other tools to explore in Web 2.0 that it is easy to lose count. Its nice to have a variety to choose from in that some interfaces and site are easier on the eye and more pleasant to work with. Such is the case with Gather. I like the interface much better than MySpace and it's easier to use.

I hadn't looked at Web Junction in years and their transition over the years has been smooth, always taking in the improvements.

I especially like Ning and have had an account for some time. What's nice is that members can build a site within a site and share on many levels.

Thing 20: Facebook and My Space  

I have had accounts with both of these for some time. Because of 23 Things I have been paying a bit more attention to them.

They are useful tools for social interactions accross the Web...but like anything else you need to be cautious...any tool can have its hazards!